The Team



Brendan is the company director and fearless leader in all situations. Brendan has been an electrician for over a decade. Brendan has a constant desire to learn new skills and is always looking for another area to train in. He gets really excited by the solar industry and has always been passionate about energy independence. Brendan is approachable, knowledgable and willing to assist in any of the clients needs. The vastness of the electrical industry keeps him motivated to never stop learning. Outside of electrical, Brendan is currently into power lifting and playing blues guitar poorly.







Screen Shot 2015-09-27 at 8.04.41 amAndrew has been with Acwire since it’s inception in 2013, when he joined as an apprentice. He is constantly building his skills, and will one day make an excellent electrician. Andrew has a technical brain and enjoys the varied challenges of the electrical trade. He is intrinsically driven to find the best way of doing a job which makes him a significant asset on the job site. When not at work, Andrew can also be found chilling out on his back deck listening to some tunes with his family and gigantic dog.










Amanda’s her name; administration’s her game. She is most often found in the office creating and improving the business systems. As a co-owner, Amanda works with her husband Brendan to build the quality of the business and the services offered.

If needed, Amanda also helps on-the-tools and is pretty handy with a set of pliers. Amanda has a wonderfully friendly personality, as long as the guys don’t steal her tools.